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Luke Macfarlane hiking

Some new pics in the gallery…


If you haven’t checked out the gallery recently, then you are missing out!

I have uploaded a bunch of “held back” photos that I decided not to upload in the past due to “permissions” and such. There is also one photo I forgot to upload in the past and has been rectified.

Held Back Photos

Candid shots of Luke rehearsing for “Dreamstuff: The Musical”


Original time frame of this musical performance can be seen in this post here.

David Blue, one of the actors who participated in this musical, has on his official Myspace page some pics of Luke, along with Michael Urie, who directed the play, and Eden Espinoza. I cannot copy the pics, but that doesn’t mean I can’t link to them. :P Click on the individual pics to see the larger versions.

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