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Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda

Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles


On November 27, 2010, Luke Macfarlane appeared in a hot trendy (gay) night club in Los Angeles called A Club Called Rhonda, along with good friend and Where Are We Now co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (currently on the hit show, Modern Family). Someone snapped a picture of both of them as they were passing by another gay couple.

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Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell places 5th at AfterElton’s Top 50 Gay Characters


Last year, Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) placed 19th in AfterElton’s Top 50 Gay Characters but the character has gone up because there is more exposure and more of a storyline with the character. And so, this year, he places 5th, above the more popular, Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys).

Let’s hope this upward trend continues on to the next year! :)

Congrats to Scotty Wandell (and Luke Macfarlane) for giving gay fans a needed image boost and having one of the best primetime gay characters on TV.

Source: AfterElton.Com

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