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AfterElton’s 2012 Top Hot 100 – Voting Time!!!


It’s that time of the year again. AfterElton is having their annual Top Hot 100. Luke has been in the top 10 the past several years, and it is our duty as fans to keep him up there in the top 10.

Voting is open to everyone. There are rules written on the page directly, but I’ll reiterate it here:

You can vote for up to 10 nominees per day

Please keep voting everyday!!!


AfterElton.Com’s Top HOT 100 Poll for 2009


AfterElton.Com has opened their polling for the 2009 Top HOT 100. As you may well know, Luke Macfarlane reached #3 out of 100 in the 2008 Top HOT 100. This year, it is our job as fans to get him to #1 and beat out Jake Gyllenhaal. Please click on this link to the post over at AfterElton.Com.

Only gay and bi men may vote in this poll (sorry ladies!). Vote starts today, April 10th, and ends on April 24th.

In the poll, please type “Luke Macfarlane” in the first (1st) position spot as your pick. You may pick up to 10 different men you find “hot” or “attractive”. The poll is all fill in the blank.

For 2009, AfterElton.Com is offering companion polls to offer more diversity in the polling vote. These three categories are: “Hottest Men of Color,” “Hottest Out Gay Men,” and “Hottest Men Over 40”.

Please also submit your vote for “Luke Macfarlane” in the Hottest Out Gay Men.

Let’s do our best to get Luke to #1 for 2009!!!

Link: AfterElton.Com Top HOT 100 Poll

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