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Equality Magazine Winter 2011


And, so, finally, after almost 3 months since the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) event that Luke Macfarlane attended back in November, the HRC has printed some excerpts of what Luke said at the HRC Chicago Gala 2010. I have included the two pages in the gallery that covers his interview in the Equality Magazine Winter 2011. They are HQs so they’re kinda big. There are some great stuff he said in this interview that you will want to read. You may want to download the full version. (Remember to use the (i) on the lightbox to access the information page which will bring you to the normal page and then click on the picture to get the full size).

Equality Magazine Winter 2011

What Luke Macfarlane talked about at the HRC Chicago Gala…


And as people wished it, it has come to pass…

Two sources have revealed some of the stories Luke Macfarlane has talked about at the HRC Chicago Gala, this past Saturday.

HRC Chicago Gala


More HRC Chicago Gala pics of Luke Macfarlane


More pics of Luke Macfarlane at the event

HRC Chicago Gala pics

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