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Luke Macfarlane in a Christmas skit for All Saints Children Hospital


Even though this was posted on Facebook, I finally had time to post this here. Luke Macfarlane appeared in costume along with other actors, such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), and Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory), to do a Christmas skit for the children at the All Saints Children Hospital in the middle of December. The skit was presented by The Art of Elysium.

Video of Luke in costume

Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda

Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles


On November 27, 2010, Luke Macfarlane appeared in a hot trendy (gay) night club in Los Angeles called A Club Called Rhonda, along with good friend and Where Are We Now co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (currently on the hit show, Modern Family). Someone snapped a picture of both of them as they were passing by another gay couple.

See picture

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