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AfterElton.Com’s Top HOT 100 for 2011 now live!!


This marks the 5th year of the Top Hot 100. AfterElton.Com brings again this year’s voting to gay and bi men around the world their picks for the hottest men. Ten (10) slots are available for names to be inputted as is in the past. The names will be counted and the most names submitted will get placed higher in the ranking.

Last year, Luke Macfarlane placed 4th place in 2010 (Luke Macfarlane placed 3rd place in 2009 and 2008) behind the likes of Neil Patrick Harris (#1), Scott Evans (#2), and John Barrowman (#3).

This year will be tough as the competition is more fiercer than ever. Popular contender, Chris Colfer has a chance to be in the top 5 and lower Luke’s ranking down. The same can go for Darren Criss, who has become this season’s major star from the Glee cast, and could place in the top 5. And for those who keep up with AfterElton.Com know that other celebrities and big name players will come into play to vie for the coveted top 10 spot.

It is our job as Luke Macfarlane fans to help Luke get to #1 quickly.

Voting starts on May 2nd (so it is going on now!!) and ends on May 13th at midnight EST/EDT (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time). So, you have 10 days to vote. Voting is amazingly opened to EVERYONE. Yup, this is the first year that AfterElton.Com has officially opened the poll to their female readership and to their straight friends and allies.

This year, AfterElton.Com also dropped their sub-categories (Men of Color, Men over 40, and Hottest Gay Men) as they weren’t getting many submissions for them.

But, anyway, why are you reading this? Get over to AfterElton.Com RIGHT NOW and VOTE!!!!!


AfterElton.Com: The 2010 Ladies’ Choice Hot 50 Results


The results for the AfterElton.Com 2010 Ladies’ Choice Hot 50 came in. The voting was for the ladies to choose their top 10 “out” gay male celebrity (actor, sports figure, singer, dancer, etc.).

Source: AfterElton.Com 2010 Ladies’ Choice HOT 50

Results for Luke Macfarlane

Results from AfterElton.Com’s 2010 Top HOT 100 are in!!!


The results for the 2010 Top HOT 100 poll and the results for the 2010 Top 10 Out Gay Men are finally in over at AfterElton.Com

Find out Luke Macfarlane’s result in the 2010 Top Hot 100

AfterElton.Com’s Top HOT 100 for 2010 – Pre-Campaign for Luke Macfarlane


Okay, guys (and gals, but mainly the guys),

This year marks another year where the gay and bi men can vote on their favorite ***HOT*** celebrity for 2010 Top HOT 100.

This is a pre-campaign, and as usual, I’m campaigning again for all the guys out there to vote for Luke in all categories when the voting starts this coming Monday, April 26th.

Girls/Gurls/Women/Womyn are not allowed to vote as it will skew the voting procedure. This is to see what gay/bi men enjoy as hot.

Please, all you fans of Luke Macfarlane, place Luke’s name at the #1 spot of the list. I know I have more than 2000 male fans on this site as it’s about 70% male readership and 30% female readership.

Again…voting starts very soon. This is a pre-campaign. Please spread the word to your fellow gay/bi boyfriends, friends, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, etc.. Luke needs to beat out against Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman if he is to attain #1 spot in the Top HOT 100.


Fandom : Music Video


Anna, our webmistress, created a new music video featuring our Luke. She used clips from Brothers & Sisters and features Scotty & Kevin in their more intimate moments. The song, “All Out of Love,” is a cover song of Air Supply and sung by John Barrowman.

You can find the music video in the Media Centre under “Fan-Made Videos”.

Kevin & Scotty - Music Video - “All Out of Love”

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