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Results from AfterElton.Com’s 2010 Top HOT 100 are in!!!


The results for the 2010 Top HOT 100 poll and the results for the 2010 Top 10 Out Gay Men are finally in over at AfterElton.Com

Find out Luke Macfarlane’s result in the 2010 Top Hot 100

Luke Macfarline Online Facelift


It has been a long time coming, but I finally found a great template to use for the website which I love to death and it is easy to work with.

Current website design for Luke Macfarlane Online

See previous website design and layouts for Luke Macfarlane Online at the layouts page.

Please read about the changes here

** Luke MacFarlane Online ** is back online



We are now running off on our new host server, Dreamhost. No more lousy Hostgator for me.

I have most of the fansite up and stabilized and most should be working, including the chat, poll, calendar, wordpress, forum and gallery. There seems to be loads of missing pics in the gallery, but that will be rectified this coming Wednesday night, when I return home from Las Vegas.

Please check the new IMDB stat number and the older posts.


One Year Anniversary


Hello all!

Since starting the first Luke MacFarlane fansite on Yahoo Mailing Groups on October 16, 2006, before transferring all of it to this location, my fansite for Luke is celebrating its one year anniversary as of today!!

We, me and Anna, wish all you people, who have stayed true to Luke MacFarlane and have followed his career, a big happy 1-year anniversary from the both of us. Hope everyone had fun times following Luke’s career this past year and hoping for many more to come! :)

One Year Anniversary Banner

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