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Luke looking surprised

Bloggers & Sisters


ABC’s “Bloggers & Sisters” has an exciting little twist at the end of their blog. Today was the 2nd half of writer assistant John Kazlauskas’ blog about the future triathlon competition amongst Disney/ABC/ABC Family show cast members. And boy, the blog was hilarious and ended with an astounding picture that I just have to share here. :)

Luke looking surprised

Luke looking surprised

You can read the entire first part of the blog article by clicking here. And you can read the second part of the blog article clicking here.

Mark at work

ABC’s Bloggers & Sisters fun with Luke Macfarlane


ABC’s blog site for Brothers & Sisters, Bloggers & Sisters, has a new blog post that covers our boy, Luke Macfarlane. It is quite a funny piece of blog post from the new writing assistant, John Kazlauskas.

Please head over to read the original blog post by clicking here. And make sure you leave a positive comment on there!!

Click here for the full blog

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