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Brothers & Sisters Officially Canceled by ABC


ABC has announced official cancellation of the family drama, Brothers & Sisters, in order to make room for their new drama pilot pickups for the 2010-2011 season. The cancellation was inevitable as Brothers & Sisters has seen a massive decline in ratings over the course of its 5th season, as the demo ratings (the ratings that actually matters to sponsors/advertisers) declined from a 3.1 down to a 1.8. The writing was on the wall prior hand when ABC cut the budget for Brothers & Sisters and wanted to minimize the cast to lessen the cost. The exit of Rob Lowe (Robert McCallister), followed by Emily Vancamp (Rebecca Harper-Walker) and then Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) has exemplified that the series cannot attain the high standards it once had in its glory days. After Patricia Wettig left, the ratings fell even faster and Brothers & Sisters could not redeem what it once had in terms of ratings. People left in droves and the numbers kept falling.

The cast did celebrate its 100th episode run during season 5, so there was some celebration. The cast and crew believed that Paul Lee, the VP of Television Media, was not going to cancel Brothers & Sisters and the writing team never created a series finale and just a season finale. However, the season finale of Brothers & Sisters was good enough to be a series finale. The series did end on a positive note. There are still questions to be answered, but we will never know what the answers will be for the future of Kevin & Scotty and their family, Kitty and her new beau, Seth, Nora and her rekindled romance with Brody, and Saul and Jonathan if whether they got married or not.

Luke Macfarlane is still in New York and still doing The Normal Heart on Broadway. He probably has heard about it from his agent or manager that the show has been canceled by ABC (actors are the last to know about everything).

To Luke, we hope you find a new project soon as your fans miss seeing you already.

Brothers & Sisters – Entertainment Tonight


It seems like the clip they used on the 30 minutes show and the clip online are a bit different.

Here’s what they showed on the television:

Brothers & Sisters – ETOnline.Com


Entertainment Tonight has a little video clip along with a blurb about the season finale of Brothers & Sisters episode 2.16. Jann Carl went to the set and got an interview with Matthew Rhys & Rob Lowe, as show in the clip below.

And here’s their article blurb:

ET was exclusively behind the scenes when “Brothers & Sisters” filmed its season finale — and now we can show you the history-making television event before it airs on Sunday night.

On last week’s episode, Kevin (MATTHEW RHYS) proposed to his same-sex lover, Scotty (LUKE MacFARLANE). This week, the two will celebrate their decision to be life partners with a commitment ceremony officiated over by Kevin’s sister Kitty (CALISTA FLOCKHART).

“It just feels like the natural flow of the Walker family,” ROB LOWE, who plays Kevin’s brother-in-law Senator Robert McCallister, tells ET’s JANN CARL, who is on the set for the event. “It doesn’t feel gratuitous, or really just standout. That’s where Kevin was heading and it’s really organic which is really nice.

“Ten years ago, there wouldn’t have been a gay character portrayed the way the show does in primetime, I don’t think. I also don’t think we would be able to do the same kind of political storylines that I get to do on the show.”

Rob’s character is a Republican senator who voted against gay marriage, even though he has a gay brother. And McCallister’s brother, who is a minister, previously dated Kevin. All that aside, when Kevin realized he forgot to get a ring, the ceremony comes to a halt, until McCallister loans them his.

“There’s a lot of interesting stuff that has been coming up for me, which is good,” Rob continues. “That’s what you want as an actor. You want a lot of paint on your palette to paint with.”

“Brothers & Sisters” airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Direct Link : ETOnline.Com

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